About Tuscany

Tuscany Grill features over 50 entree items specializing in Italian, Steaks and Seafood. Our success is derived from 3 basic principles.


The quality of our food quality is our highest priority. We put our heart and soul into our menu to make sure you are happy. 


Not only must our food meet the highest of standard, the consistency must stay the same each time you step foot in our door.

3Customer Service

Our customer service is unmatched, we treat our customers like family.

Our History

DSC_0812On January 6th, 1999, Michael “Mike” McQuady, Gerald “Gerry” Bormann and Louis “Lou” DeFilippies got together to open Tuscany Grill. Mike and Lou met in 1978 as waiters at an old local favorite restaurant called DiMartino & Sons Italian Family Restaurant. Later, Gerald and Lou met and co-owned and operated Philips Supper House from 1989-1999. During that same time, Michael started his very own restaurant Che Pasta Italian Restaurant. In 1999 the three got together and combined menus to start Tuscany Grill.

With over 30 years of experience and thanks many wonderful loyal friends and customers, Tuscany Grill has maintained its quality and consistency. We would like thank you for visiting our website and to everyone who has made our restaurant successful, especially our friendly staff.